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Join Apollo!

Why Join Apollo?

Apollo is an informal investment network, focusing on the early stage funding that is often a barrier for new companies. We don’t refinance, or place additional demands or costs on companies in which we invest. Our members can choose their investment allocation for each company and build their bespoke portfolio, knowing that their investment will be focused on developing the company.

We work closely with members of the Scottish business startup community to bring you early stage investment opportunities which are not typically ready for large scale VC or Angel investment.

We also hope to give something back to the business community, providing mentoring to each company we finance. If that’s something you would like to do, please contact our gatekeeper using our Contact page and we will be happy to tell you more. Finally, Apollo is a great place to network with like-minded business leaders and entrepreneurs from across Scotland.

What are the Costs?

We charge a nominal joining fee, which is used to cover administration costs for our group. Once you have joined, you can invest in any of our deals. We use standard terms of investment, so our overheads for both Apollo and the Company remain low. This means we can keep our administration fees low, at only 3% of the invested amount.

How many deals do I need to join?

Currently we do not require investors to join a minimum number of deals each year. 

Am I eligible?

In order to join Apollo you need to be a self-certified high net worth individual and / or a self-certified sophisticated investor. You also need to acknowledge the risk associated with your investment. Please Contact Us for guidance on these requirements, or to request an application form!

To join or if you want to know more about joining Apollo, please use the Webform below

Thanks! Message sent.

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